Sponsor me for a read-a-thon!

As those of you who helped out with care_faith_hope will recall, faithhopetricks is an awesome person whose family has severe health problems, a severe lack of money, and, because they live in the USA, very little ability to access needed health care. The money raised last time was extremely helpful, and her husband in particular is doing much better. However, there are still ongoing health issues and expensive medications to buy.

I am holding a read-a-thon to raise money for medical expenses for faithhopetricks, her husband, and their cats. I got this idea from [personal profile] karenhealey, and am stealing some of her wording.

What It Is

On July 2-3 (this Thursday-Friday), I will hold a read-a-thon, in which I will read in every moment I am not sleeping! I will post on books as I go to some extent, but may save some write-ups for later on the theory that there will be more enjoyable commenting and discussing if the posts are parceled out more.

How It Works

You may comment to sponsor me for a certain amount per book read. When the read-a-thon is done, I will count up the books and tell you how much your donation will be. You may set a cap on the donation total, regardless of the number of books read. ie, "I offer $20 per book, to a limit of $100."

Just as a benchmark, I can probably read 3-5 relatively short books in a day if I'm not doing anything else. This is based on my experience on airplanes.

What are the books?

Whether or not you are sponsoring me, you may nominate books for me to read. Sponsors will, of course, get priority, but this will also depend on availability, as I'll mostly be getting the books from the library. So sponsors should consider nominating several books in order of preference.

NOTE: YA and/or relatively short/not extremely dense books preferred. I don't actually read very fast, so shorter is better. Rereads are fine, but no books I've already reviewed online. I am not limiting this to authors of any particular identity, but I would like to read more books by LBGT authors and/or authors of color, so those nominations will be given extra consideration.

As some of you have derived great amusement from in the past, these do not have to be good books.

If you want to sponsor me, comment on this post with an amount per book and the book or books you wish to nominate.
Heroes: Save the world

MOD NOTE!! Outstanding Transactions

Just to make sure, does anyone have any outstanding transactions? (Money not sent, auction winners who never responded, etc?)

If so, please contact me at Rphoenix2 at gmail dot com.

NOTE: If you offered something like fic that you simply haven't finished yet, of course that's fine. I'm talking about outstanding donations or people who never replied or vanished after winning an auction.
Heroes: Save the world

!!Mod Note!! Auction wrap-up post

Hello, everyone!

The surgery was successful and he is doing well. The auction funds were enormously helpful, especially as there are ongoing issues regarding very expensive medications. Thank you all very much for your kind and generous help!

Regarding the auction itself, this is a reminder for everyone who has outstanding gifts to be given or services to be performed. (I personally owe two stories and a review. They will arrive eventually. I got a little sidetracked by Yuletide, life, and going overseas.)

If anyone has been unable to contact someone who owes them something or is otherwise unsatisfied with a transaction, please email me.
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!!MOD NOTE: Current totals!!

Current auction totals: $6758!

Thank you very much for all your help. It's greatly appreciated.

Checks and outstanding payments are still trickling in. If you have an outstanding payment, please pay it. If you need me to confirm that I recieved a check, please let me know so I can do so.

If you have not recieved payment confirmation and it's late, please first contact the person who needs to pay. If that doesn't work, please contact me. If all else fails, we can alert whoever came in second in that auction and see if that person would like the item or service instead.
Heroes: Save the world

!!MOD NOTE: Payment, etc

Thank you very much to everyone who participated!

I will eventually post auction totals; however, many people have not yet paid, and many are paying by check. So it may be a while. Please pay up if you haven't yet, and if you need to do so by check, please make it out to me and email me for my mailing address.

If you won something, please contact your seller with proof of payment, your mailing address (if necessary) and any necessary details so they can get started on it.

I will confirm payment on checks when I recieve them. To do so, I need to know who the seller was and what the auction was. Please include that info when you mail me a check.

Thank you!
utena ivy

Offered: Fanfic

Offer (late-breaking as it is!): I will write a fanfic of no less than 1000 words in one of the following fandoms (your choice, of course):
- Revolutionary Girl Utena
- Dorothy L Sayers' Lord Peter Wimsey series
- Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody series
- Steven R Brust's Vlad series
- Harry Potter

I will write to your prompt. I usually write gen or femslash, but am willing to do boyslash or het. The only one of these fandoms I won't write slash or sex for is Wimsey. I also don't do really explicit sex these days, but I'm willing to discuss.

You can find my Utena fanfiction, including my fairly well-known Archimage fic, here. My fanfic in other fandoms is listed here.

Contact: dziwozony AT gmail DOT com

Delivery: I will deliver the story by the end of December 2009.

Minimum bid: $5

Buy it now: $30

Don't forget to check the other auctions! Time's a-runnin' out!
Heroes: Save the world

Update on F's husband and final pre-close mod note

faithhopetricks's husband has had five stents placed in his heart. (ETA: Technically speaking, in his coronary arteries. Sorry!) The procedure went well, and he's at home feeling much better already.

Thank you very much for your support!

As a final reminder, the auction ends at 11:59 PM tonight (Saturday October 10.) The highest bid or, for auctions with multiple winners, bids placed by that time win the item or service offered.

If you win, please send the amount of your bid to Rphoenix2 at hotmail dot com at Paypal. Click "personal" and "gift." More details on how to pay here:

When you pay, please note what it was for in a comment to the transaction. (ie, comment on Paypal, not (or as well as) here.)

To receive your item or service, please contact the seller via email and show some kind of proof of payment, like a copy in email of the PayPal receipt if that's how you paid. If you paid in some other way (ie, by check) I can confirm payment when it arrives if you let me know that I need to and to whom I need to confirm.
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Offered: interactive fiction customization

Offer: I will

-- make you a lightly-customized version of one of my recent games (where lightly-customized means something like the addition of scenery items or a room; a new line of conversation in a game that already has some dialogue; a tweak to a puzzle; etc.). This change can be joky or serious, as you like.

Recent games I could do this with: any of the Inform 7 example games, Floatpoint, Alabaster. (Sorry, games older than this would require substantial reworking to compile under current conditions.)

-- or, if you prefer, let you describe a person to be given a cameo appearance in my work in progress. (This WIP is set in a modern urban environment, so any pirates or ninjas or suchlike would have to be passed off as in costume. It's currently in testing, with an anticipated release date in early 2010.)

I will do this for up to 3 winners (so the top three bids will be honored).


Delivery: customized work: December (let me know if you have particular needs as to date);
cameo: when the WIP is released, which is probably early 2010.

Minimum bid: $10.
  • emshort

Offered: interactive fiction source

Offer: I will send you a copy of the source for one of my old games, for your personal enjoyment. That means you're free to read it, make use of any general coding ideas you may get out of it, etc., but not post the source or use it to write and release your own version of the same game. (If you have any questions about borderline uses, I'd be happy to discuss them with you.)

I must also add the caveats that some of these games no longer compile because the system or library for which they're written has changed, and that they're not as well commented as the source I release publicly. You'd be getting them as-is, with no guarantee that they'll be useful to you for any specific purpose.

This is available for the following works (one winner each):

Pytho's Mask
Mystery House Possessed


Delivery: On close of the auction.

Minimum bid: $5 (each).