Sienamystic (sienamystic) wrote in care_faith_hope,

Offered: A handmade glass tile pendant on a chain

Offered: A rectangular glass tile pendant on a ball chain. I can customize in various ways: much of my stuff currently involves pages from dictionaries so you can pick a word you would like included. I also have access to various wacky art catalogues and vintage magazines. I can work with the colors you like and will have several colors of ball chain available. I am new to the jewelry-making trade, but have been successfully selling off pieces, so I can't be that bad! And I'm willing to work with you to make something you'll enjoy wearing.


I don't have an example of the rectangular pendant at the moment, but here you can see the square tiles done up as magnets. Add a bail, and hey presto! Pendants. The style is similar, although with the rectangular pendants I have a little more room to layer papers in a collage style.

Delivery: I will have the piece to you within two months of your bid, and hopefully much sooner. I will cover shipping costs.

Minimum bid: $15

Buy it now: $35

Contact: sienamystic at gmail dot com
Tags: offered: jewelry, seller: sienamystic

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